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By kindly donating to the Asian Resource Foundation, you will be joining our effort to deliver both humanitarian aid and longer-term development projects to underprivileged people in Asia and beyond. You will be contributing to:

– Supporting children’s education and health care initiatives for the most vulnerable communities. 

– Supporting the emergency relief and humanitarian assistance for vulnerable groups and communities in Asia.

– Supporting the Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN) actions and promote a progressive understanding of Islam and a peaceful and inclusive world.

– Supporting the courses and workshops of the International Institute of Peace and Development Studies (IIPDS) and contributing to empower communities and build capacity among committed youth and professionals working in the field of development and peace-building.

Thank you for supporting us !


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Donate by Direct Bank Transfer in Thailand, or international

To donate to the ARF Secretariat in Thailand, please use the following information:

Account Number: 088-1-01963-1


Account Name: Asian Resource Foundation

Bank Name: Krung Thai Bank Plc. Ltd

Bank address: Krung Thai Bank Plc. Ltd Bangkok Metropolitan Authority Office Branch Dinsor Road, Bangkok, 10200, THAILAND

Donate via bank transfer is required to provide basic information of him/her (Name, Country, Address, Telephone number and email) and total amount of donation at A donation acknowledgement letter will be issued by the Asian Resource Foundation to assure that the donation is received

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