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The Asian Fund for Relief and Development (AFRD) is an initiative of NGO leaders in Asia to mobilize funds and supports emergency relief and development projects undertaken by community-based organizations. Secretariat of the AFRD is hosted by the Asian Resource Foundation (ARF).


Please join us by supporting our humanitarian programs to make a better change in the lives of the others.


  1. To raise fund and extend emergency relief to people affected by natural and manmade disasters
  2. To support community initiatives for sustainable development

Country representatives

Come together for making world a better place
      1.  Ms. Yanin Wongmai (Thailand)
      2. Sister Lydia Collado (Philippines)
      3. Mr. Mohammad Ali (Bangladesh)
        Mr. Ishak Mia (Bangladesh)
      4. Mr. Shahiuz Ahmed (India)
        Mr. Ashraf Ali (India)
        Mr. Nezar Ahmed (India)
      5. Mr. Kiran Bohara (Nepal)
        Dr. Manor D. Syaiyed (Nepal)
        Mrs. Sangeeta Shrestha 
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