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Book Title:  Understanding Peace and Conflict Transformation in Asia: Religious Perspective and Approaches

Edited by:     Cecelia Aguilar Qrtiz, James Campion, Tiffany Hacker, M. Abdus Sabur, Lisa Schenk, Dr. Imtiyaz Yusuf

 ISBN:             974-93884-3-7

 Year:              2005

Book Title:     Youth Forum on APEC 2003: Bringing the Gaps and Creating Opportunities for Youth

Edited by:      Youth Coordination Centre International & Asian Resource Foundation

ISBN:      -

Year:      2003

Book Title:  Issues Affecting Youth in Asia Linking Initiatives & Experiences towards a Common Future: Youth Coordination Centre International 2001

Edited by:     Youth Coordination Centre International and Asian Resource Foundation

ISBN:              -

Year:              2001