Youth in Conflict Areas: Healing and Peace-building through Social Engagement (Partial Funding)

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Youth in Conflict Areas: Healing and Peace-building through Social Engagement (Partial Funding)

Date: 1st – 5th September 2019
Venue: IIPDS, Bangkok
Application Deadline: 16 th  August 2019


Asia is unique in its rich and diverse cultures, religions, natural and human resources, unfortunately, many young people have been affected by the socio-economic crisis. This included poverty, violence, arm conflicts, suppression and deprivation of ethnic and religious minorities.  The damage done to their lives by the conflicts is not easy to heal and turning their lives back to normal is not a simple process.

International Institute of Peace and Development Studies (IIPDS) is now offering opportunities to  25 selected youth in conflict-affected areas in Asia who show their potential to make a difference in their own communities. Through the program the youth will develop vital skills in leadership, civic engagement, critical thinking, and team building. The program also aims to empower their life-course and accumulate their experiences and knowledge on how they struggle and cope in situations of extreme vulnerability and how they envision the future.

Our workshop focuses on how to understand conflict, its dynamic, levels and ways and means in dealing with conflict. More particularly, we place a spotlight on trauma healing towards peace building, why it is important to understand trauma and healing procedures so the adverse psychological effects of the conflicts can be minimized.


  1. To understand what is conflict, kinds of conflict, causes and impact of conflict.
  2. To understand and act on how to transform ourselves as well as conflict for greater benefit
  3. To learn what is trauma and share experiences and processes of trauma healing
  4. To understand and forge multi-layer networking and promote cooperation at local, national and trans-border levels for peace-building



  1. Below 30 years of age
  2. Applicants are from conflict-affected areas in Asia
  3. Applicants will continue to work for peace activity after graduation from this workshop
  4. Socially engaged in educational, humanitarian and development works
  5. Good command in English


Course Components:

  1. Team building, group dynamics and discovering peace
  2. Understanding conflict and its dynamics and peace
  3. Deep listening: A Transformative Tool for Healing, Peace and, Social Change
  4. Trauma healing and peace building through Social Engagement
  5. Exposure Visit


Application Process:

  1. Request for the application form at [email protected]
  2. The application must be submitted before 16th August 2019
  3. IIPDS team will select suitable participants


Application Download:




September 1 @ 8:00 am
September 5 @ 5:00 pm
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International Institute of Peace and Development Studies (IIPDS), Bangkok, Thailand
12/8 ,M.15 S.4, Suwinthawong 51,Soi Rom Yen ,Kratumrai
Nong Chok, Bangkok Thailand
02 051 5578

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