5-day Workshop on Role of Mental Health in Effective Social Work and Peace Building

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5-day Workshop on Role of Mental Health in Effective Social Work and Peace Building

 5-day Workshop on Role of Mental Health in Effective Social Work and Peace Building

Date: 6th – 10th January 2020
Venue: IIPDS, Bangkok
Application Deadline: 4th January 2020


The cornerstone of Peace Building is Conflict Management. Conflicts occur at various domains- Interpersonal (between two persons), Inter-group (between two groups- families, religions, races, communities, nations etc). Such conflicts being overt are recognizable and hence easier to address, not to say managed. But there is another level of conflict that occurs within a person- Intra-psychic, that is far harder to recognize (often manifesting at the unconscious level) and so that much more difficult to address and thus resolve. An individual is the smallest integral unit of society which is constituted of various levels- family, neighbourhood, locality, organization, community, village/town/city, district, state, region, nation, league of nations. So if one is at conflict with her/himself only, its more likely that s/he will have the same with others. Now if the unit of society is disturbed, society at large will obviously be not in peace. Hence Peace-building needs to be started at the individual level. To that end, mental health of each person needs to be maximized to ensure proper handling of other conflicts at the different social levels.

It follows from above that social work must be started at the individual level. Social work can be effective only if done following the Bio-Psycho-Social model addressing one’s health concerns, social matters and more-so her/his mental issues since if the latter is intact one is better able to handle the other two aspects ensuring well-being of oneself and that of others. Peace building through social work can only be achieved by ensuring the health of all, which according to WHO is ‘a state of optimum physical, mental and social well-being and not just the absence of illness’. So health is not just about doctors, related to physical well-being and absence of illness. Mental health is crucial to psycho-social well-being and pivotal to fulfilling the 17 SDGs given by UNO. 

Effective social work is integral to peace building. So developing mental health is paramount, for which interventions are two pronged- enhancing mental health of the aid workers first and then that of their target populations by gaining knowledge of the following conflict management tools

  1. Concept about Structure of Human Personality- Freudian and Rogerian perspectives
  2. Concept about Lifespan Development of a person- Eriksonian and Lewinian perspectives
  3. Concept about one’s Cognitive and Moral Development- Piaget and Kohlberg’s theories
  4. Concept about Gender Issues, Need and Motivation- Adler and Maslow’s Hierarchy theories
  5. Concept about genesis, dynamics and handling of Values, Beliefs, Desires and their conflicts
  6. Concept about types of Conflicts- Intra/interpersonal, Inter-group and Conflict Vectors
  7. Concept about conflict management pre-requisites- emotional intelligence, decision making
  8. Communication Skills- empathic-assertiveness training, feedback principles, handling critics

and manipulation, negotiation strategies (collaborative style above competitive, passive etc)

Covering the above topics, the workshop will empower one to manage one’s intra/inter personal conflicts, enable one to help others resolve the latter’s conflicts, thus ensure better mental health of self and that of others and hence contribute to peace building through effective social work.

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January 6, 2020
January 10, 2020
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International Institute of Peace and Development Studies (IIPDS), Bangkok, Thailand
12/8 ,M.15 S.4, Suwinthawong 51,Soi Rom Yen ,Kratumrai
Nong Chok, Bangkok Thailand
02 051 5578

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